Story Database


AIStoryBuilders uses a proprietary database format that allows it to track the important parts of a story. The key entities that compose this database are detailed below.



Timelines are the foundation of the AIStoryBuilders database. All attributes added to all the other entities in the database can optionally be associated with a Timeline. Proper use of Timelines is important because attributes, when properly segmented by Timelines, prevents the AI from becoming confused with different parts of the story.

For example, creating a Timeline for a character when they are 3 years old allows you to attach Character attributes, such as appearance and goals to that Timeline. This prevents these Character attributes from being considered by the AI when it generates content for the character in paragraph Sections that are on another Timeline.



Locations describe where a paragraph Section takes place. The Location has descriptions that can optionally be tied to a Timeline. This is used by the AI when describing the setting in its generated content.



Characters are composed of a Character Name and Background Types.

 The possible Background Types are:

To edit or delete a entry for a background type, click the Edit button. This allows you to edit the description of the entry and optionally set the Timeline. You can delete the entry by clicking the Delete button. 



Chapters are used to segment the complete story. Chapters are composed of one or more paragraph Sections. A single Chapter has a Synopsis. Chapters are always named sequentially starting with Chapter 1.



Sections contain the prose that make up the complete story. A Section is usually composed of a single paragraph, but, this is not always the case. What is important about Sections is that each Section is optionally associated with a specific set of Characters, and a single Location and Timeline. This allows the AI to limit its focus to content filtered by these settings when generating content.